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The UK Centre for Human Emergence is a non political initiative to empower individuals and organisations of all sizes in creating a Britain which is vibrant, energetic and represents the deepest held values of its multicultural people.

Our scope is broad, encompassing all aspects of human existence – as individuals, as communities and organisations, as a nation in a global society. Our view of human emergence is layered and balanced; we believe both in being the change we want to see and in doing the change that the world needs done. All three of the major categories below are entry points into a holistic and dynamic view of our collective evolution.

Please choose and explore the one that interests you today.


Our biggest collective challenge is to integrate complexity. Society is multi-layered, business has many simultaneous targets, financial pressure is intense and all of these are compounded by volatility, interconnectedness, uncertainty and speed of change. Our organisational and personal bandwidth is stretched to its limits.

CHE-UK understands these dynamics and our purpose is to help others to manage them. The answers lie in flexibility, speed of response, adaptability and sustainability. They require fresh maps that navigate cultural complexity. They call for new styles of organisation and leadership; they call for new awareness from individuals. The systems we use predicted these societal changes; they provide the maps, mindsets and integrative tools that are needed.

Flexibility means that there are no predetermined solutions. We help you develop your own, individually and collectively. Sustainability means that you learn the adaptive skills that your organisation or business requires. Adaptability requires knowing what external changes are most critical, monitoring them and responding quickly. Response speed relies on distributed responsibility and empowered individuals. They all call for forward-looking and open leadership that surfs the wave of complexity.

All of this is simpler than it might sound. We bring the simplicity that lies beyond complexity.

Consultancy and The Team

We have a network of experienced professional people, not only throughout Britain, but on all continents, who can offer support in implementing societal change within your own community.


Jon Freeman
Jon Freeman has been helping for over three decades with both personal emergence and organisational change. His passion for finding the most effective tools brought him to the study of Spiral Dynamics Integral.  More…

Rachel Castagne
Facilitating personal discovery and emergence is a calling in which Rachel Castagne has spent decades preparing. Currently a co-director of CHE-UK, Rachel has facilitated trainings that develop and integrate the potentialities within individuals and communities.  More…

Ian McDonald
Ian McDonald works as a coach, mentor and Integral psychologist in the field of leading edge personal development. He runs master-classes in Consciously Creating Miracles in which mental barriers are dissolved to re-establish boundaries beyond the undoable. An accomplished speaker and presenter, he promotes an Integral approach to thinking…  More…

Dr Don Beck and CHE

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